Merc Corp Universe


… Humankind has not changed…

Another day. Another night. Another crisis. Another war. Another annihilation. 

Territories, resources, power, freedom, superiority, identity, revenge, survival…

These are just pretenses, always the same in a damned circle of repeating history.

During another turn of this invisible circle that, again and again, crushes every attempt to break out from under its influence, humankind has reached yet another line that had to be crossed and entered the unknown hoping that it would be the last time.

After an accident with a new kind of weapon of total destruction, during a systemic war, being on the brink of extinction, remnants of humankind were forced to leave the Solar System and escape to a new world that was supposed to become their new home.

But humankind has not changed…

After a brief period of peace during which people struggled against the new environment of the Bisolar System and external danger well-known from the perspective of history, when they were already established enough to appreciate this new crumb of comfort they managed to win, once again they were at each other’s throats.

They were so close to breaking out of the damned circle of history by obliterating their own race.

It was a twist of faith, a boy was born. He was an extremely rare individual that appears maybe only once in the entire history. A human that would unite everyone under his rule with perseverance, power, and rigidity. It was not a time of compromise and democracy. It was a reign of a firm hand, oppression, exploitation of individuals, and harsh punishments for those, who disobeyed.

It was the time of Emperor Justod I.

It was the longest period in the history of all humankind when there were no wars and the human race started to advance again. It was a time when people of science were appreciated and their inventions served all of humanity.

With the exception of those, whose lives were sacrificed for the sake of science.

Scientists managed to recreate a lot of technology that was thought to have been lost forever, many new technologies were developed. As it happens with the majority of tools, they were used to do good as well as bad. 

It was a time of bleak unrest and reveries awaking again. The time of the Empire. 

But humankind has not changed….

Just as one person is able to build a stone castle in the desert, the same person can turn it into dust.

Private revenge for vileness and evil inflicted in the name of progress expanded to an astonishing magnitude and brought about the fall of the Empire. 

The Capital of the Empire, the Emperor’s Palace, hundreds of laboratories, hundreds of millions of human lives, including the Emperor and his assassin turned into radioactive dust within fractions of a second.

But nature despises desolation. After a few hundred years of chaos, on the ruins of the old Empire, three new ones sprouted, reigned by a new species of humans. Immortals, who acquired the ability to transfer their minds into new bodies.

Humankind’s new home, divided into three parts, ruled by immortal lords led by their own weaknesses and mutual animosities, once again reached a shaky but stable state of equilibrium.

But humankind has not changed…